Simple Window Sticker – You Will Never Know I Was Here At All


Simple window sticker to promote responsible travel in the Highlands.

**This is currently only available facing inwards but one for vehicles with the information facing to the outside will be available soon.**

The current version is ideal for businesses in the Highlands who do van rental or tourist accommodation or other venues.

Printed on electrostatic film that is PVC-free and 100% recyclable.

It can be repositioned very easily and leaves no residue on the windows.

Buy this one and the detailed version for £5 (normally they are £3 each). Postage is free within the UK.



I grew up in the Highlands and have worked here all of my career in the outdoor sector, so I have a fairly good idea of what is going on out there.  I have seen tourism boom over the last few years and that has had an impact on our local area, good and bad.

Most people respect the environment when they travel up here and know how to act responsibly but there are a few who simply don’t, whether it is because they don’t care or don’t know, it is a problem and one that may get worse this year with more people visiting because of the lack of foreign travel.

I have designed these stickers for people to put in their shop windows, campervans or cars, aiming to do two things;

1) to advertise to local people that the vehicle owner(s) are responsible travellers

2) for spreading the information to others who might not be doing these things for them to learn something by seeing them.

Please note there is no PVC  in these and I found the most environmentally friendly versions I could.

Buy this one and the other design and receive £1 off (2 for £5)

Additional information

Information direction

Info facing IN, Info facing OUT


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